22 June 2005

[voice break] Cornelius, "Point of View Point," Point [Matador, 2002]

Morton Subotnik, "Silver Apples of the Moon pt. 1"
The Congos, "Ark of the Covenant," Heart of the Congos

[voice break] The Flying Luttenbachers, "The Green Glow," Alptraum [ugExplode/Pandemonium, 2000]

John Corbett & Heavy Friends, "Ready Kilowatt," I'm Sick About My Hat [Atavistic, 2000]
Cul de Sac, "I Remember Noting More," Death of the Sun [Strange Attractors, 2003]

[voice break] irr. app. (ext.), "Subsequent to...," Dust Pincher Appliances [Crouton, 2001]

Moe!Staiano, "Al Capone Died of Syphilis," The Lateness of Yearly Presentations [Dephine Knormal, 2001]
Daedelus, "Scaling Snowdon," Of Snowdonia [Plug Research, 2004]
Animal Collective w/ Vashti Bunyan, "It's You," Prospect Hummer [Fat Cat, 2005]

[voice break] Fred Lonberg-Holm, "Fool," Other Valentines [Atavistic, 2005]

Contemporary Jazz Quintet, "Actions # VI," Actions 1966-67 [Atavistic, 2005]
Cock ESP/Costes, "French Kiss," We Would Be Happy: A Noise Opera [Sunship etc, 2005]
Ilya Monosov, "Architectures on Air," Architectures on Air & Other Works [Elevator Bath, 2005]

[voice break] Hydrogen Pellets, "12 Galaxies," Live [s/r, 2005]

Nudge, "Dee Deet," Cached [Kranky, 2005]
Assif Tsahar & the New York Underground Orchestra, "Third," Fragments [Hopscotch, 2005]
Darkthrone, "Skald Av Satans Sol," Transilvanian Hunger [Peaceville, 1994/2003]
Deicide, “Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon,” Legion [Roadrunner, 1992]

[voice break] Colin Andrew Sheffield, "Disappear from View," First Thus [Elevator Bath, 2005]

Graveland, “The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness,” The Celtic Winter [No Colours, 1996]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "The Void Part 4," The Void [ugEXPLODE/Troubleman Unlimited, 2004]
Meshuggah, "In Death-Is Death," Catch 33 [Nuclear Blast, 2005]

Orthrelm, #1, Orthrelm/TOuchdown split CD [Troubleman Unlimited, 2001]
Ruins, "Vexoprakta," Burning Stone [Shimmy Disc, 1992]
Spider Compass Good Crime Band, #7, Organ Winding Sheet Music [Pecan Crazy, 2005]
Deerhoof, "Spiral Golden Town," Green Cosmos [Menlo Park, 2005]
Bobby Conn, "Never Get Ahead," s/t [Truckstop/Atavistic, 1997]

[voice break] Rova:Orkestrova, #12, Electric Ascension [Atavistic, 2005]

Men's Recovery Project, "Joy of the Drunk Turk," Bolides Over Basra [Load, 1999]
Foetus Art Terrorism, "Calamity Crush," Sink [Thirsty Ear, 1996 / 1984]
Nautical Almanac, #1-2, Rooting for the Microbes [Load]
Ashtray Navigations, "First Kiss Amateur Theme," Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies [Gameboy]
Ashtray Navigations, "Morningtown Spasm," Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies [Gameboy]
Pancisville, "Boiled, Baked and Basted Babies," split with Lovely Little Girls [Nihilist, 2005]

[voice break] Wolfgang Fuchs, "A Touch of Grandiose, Up Wrong," Six Fuchs [Rastascan, 2005]

Anthony Braxton/Matt Bauder, "Scaffolding," 2 x 2 Compositions [482, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room