15 June 2005

[voice break] Globe Unity Orchestra, "Globe Unity 67"

Dr Who theme
Lee Scratch Perry, “(I Got the) Groove,” From the Secret Laboratory [1990]
AGF Delay, “Do Protest,” Explode [2005]
Axolotl, “Archons,” Archons Archons [Jyrk, 2004]
Dr Who theme

[voice break] Rollerball, "Erzulie," Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause [Silber, 2005]

Smog, "Song," Rain on Lens [Drag City, 2001]
Ben Stanko, "Sometimes Mud Grows," Tomato We Die [Set Projects, 2005]
Reynols, "Loh Cuaplo mesame," Reynols/No Reynols [Freedom From, 2001]
L.S. Gelik, "Cinta," Kacopi Suling [Interra, 1996]
Trifon Trifonov, "Tatar Pazardjik," Bulgarian Wedding [Winter & Winter, 2005]

[voice break] Linval Thompson, "Long Long Dreadlocks," Ride on Dreadlocks 1975-77 [Blood & Fire, 2000]

Yabby You, "Mash Down Rome Dub," Dub it to the Top 1976-79 [Blood & Fire, 2002]
Deerhoof, "Come See the Duck," Green Cosmos [Menlo Park, 2005]
Black Dice, “The Raven,” Cold Hands EP
Burning Witch, “Country Doctor,” Crippled Lucifer

[voice break] Four Tet, "You Were There With Me," Everything Ecstatic [Domino, 2005]

Brainticket, “Black Sand,” Cottonwoodhill
Burzum, “Dunkelheit,” Filosofem [Misanthropy, 1995]
Charlegmagne Palestine, “One + Two + Three Fifths (part 1),” Four Manifestations

[voice break] Patrick Cross's Telepathy, ?, Meditations/Realization [Odd Shaped Case, 2005]

Orthrelm, Ov [Ipecac, 2005]

[voice break] Nudge, "Standing on a Hot Sidewalk," Cached [Kranky, 2005]

You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, "Instead... I Became Anenome," Ache [1982]
Meshuggah, "Sum," Catch Thirty Three [Nuclear Blast, 2005]
Leviathan, "Courtship of the DIscarded," Verrater [Tumult, 2003]

[voice break] Foetus, "Mon Agonie Douce," Love [Birdman, 2005]

Anthony Braxton/Matt Buader, "Composition 327c," 2 + 2 Compositions [482 Music, 2005]
The Contemporary Jazz Quintet, "Action # II," Actions 1966-67 [Atavistic, 2005]
Colin Andrew Sheffield, "Come Closer," First Thus [Elevator Bath, 2005]
Braille, “Wonderland,” Partir

[voice break] Cecil Taylor, “Idut,” The Cecil Taylor Unit

Ilya Monosov, untitled, Architectures on Air & other works [Elevator Bath, 2005]
Gush, "Sava," Norrkoping [Atavistc, 2005]

[voice break] Fred Lonberg-Holm, "Arnold Layne," Other Valentines [Atavistic, 2005]

Rova:Orkestrova, #1, Electric Ascension [Atavistic, 2005]
Otomo Yoshihide, "HK," Sound Factoy 1997 [Gentle Giant, 1997]

breakthrough in grey room