08 June 2005

[voice break] Uriah Heep, "The Wizard"

Junior Murvin, “Police and Thieves”
Oyinbo Liaso, “Kike Lomo (Apala with guitar),” various – Yoruba Street Percussion
Venetian Snares, “Sikertelenség,” Rossz Csillag Allat Született [Planet Mu, 2005]

[voice break] Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Nr. 5 Zeitmasse for Five Woodwinds"

Bruno S., scene from Stroszek [1977]
Sonny Terry, “Old Lost John (with movie sounds),” Stroszek [1977]
Clarence Ashley, “The Coo Coo Bird,” Anthology of American Folk Music
Einsturzende Neubauten, “Jet'm,” Kollaps [Zick Zack, 1981]
San Agustin, “Ocmulgee Hills,” Amokhali [Family Vineyard, 1999]

[voice break] Wolfgang Fuchs, "Ingot (Teacup) Minstrelsy," Six Fuchs [Rastascan, 2005]

Eddie the Rat, Drop Me Off in Denpasar [s/r, 2004]

[voice break] Morton Subotnik, "The Wild Bull"

Akinori, "Red Field," Red Field [Horen]
Colleen, "The Happy Sea," The GOlden Morning Breaks [Leaf, 2005]
Adam Pacione, "Joelma's Burning," Heat [Primary, 2005]

[voice break] Ilya Monosov, "Autonomous Guitar Music," Architectures on Air and Other Works [Elevator Bath, 2005]

Jason Forrest, "Lady Fantasy," Lady Fantasy [Sonig, 2005]
Gang Gang Dance, #8, God's Money [Social Registry, 2005]
Four Tet, "High Fives," Everything Ecstatic [Domino, 2005]
Pink Floyd, "Cirrus Minor," More [1968]
Pink Floyd, "The Nile Song," More [1968]

[voice break] Okay, "Now," Low Road/High Road [ABsolutely Kosher, 2005]

Spider Compass Good Crime Band, #14, Heart, Lungs... [s/r, 2004]
Ben Stanko, "Hunt of the Jr. Archaeologist," Tomato We Die [Set Projects, 2005]
Moe!Staiano, "Time for Your U-Bolts," The Non-Study of First Impressions [Dephine Knormal, 1997]
Oren Ambarchi, #2, Insulation [Touch, 2000]
Baby Dodds, "Spooky Drums No. 1," Talking and Drum Solos 1946 [Atavistic, 2003]
Harry Pussy, side A, 3rd 7"

[voice break] CKW Trio, "Mondrian en Amerique," The Is

Orthrelm, "Ov" [Ipecac, 2005]
Hair Police, "Rattler's Echo," Constantly Terrified [Troubleman Unlimited, 2005]

[voice break] Charalambides, "Silver Reeds," Our Bed Is Green [Kranky, 2005]

Autechre, "Augmatic Disport," Untilted [Warp, 2005]
Drop the Lime, "Never, Nah," This Means Forever [Tigerbeat6, 2005]
Pimmon, "No Jazz for Jokers," Snaps*Crackles*Pops [Tigerbeat6, 2003]

[voice break] Oki, "Yaikatekara Dub," Dub Ainu [Chikar, 2004]

Malcom Kipe, "My Room Remix," Breakspiracy Theories [Merk, 2005]
Cecil Taylor, “O.P.,” Jumpin' Punkins [Artists Only, 1961]
Monosov/Swirnoff, #B2, Seven Recorded Works [Eclipse, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room