25 May 2005

[voice break] Battles, "Dance," B EP [Dim Mak, 2004]

Morton Subotnik, “Return – A Triumph of Reason, I,” The Key to Songs/Return [New Albion, 1986]

[voice break] Autechre, "Iera," Untilted [Warp, 2005]

Retro Sex Galaxy, #1-5, Le Bootlegue Parisien [Mik Musik, 2002]
Evan Ziporyn, “Amok!,” Gamelan Galak Tika [New World, 2000]
Islaja, “Laivat Saapuu,” Palaa Aurinkoon [Fonal, 2005]
Haba Haba Group, “Sitogol #1,” various Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol 1 [Sublime Frequencies, 2003]

[voice break] Fast N Bulbous, "Veteran's Day Poppy," Pork Chop Blue Around the Rind [Cuneiform, 2005]

Moussa Doumbia, "Keleya," various - World Psychedelic Classics 3 [Luaka Bop, 2005]
Et Sans, "Les Courbes..." Par Nousss... [Alien8, 2005]

[voice break] Myles Boisen, "Not Always Never Maybe," Scrambledisc

Tyondai Braxton, "Disintegrating Reels," Rise Rise Rise [Narnack, 2003]
Brazelton/Naphtali, #6, What's it like to be a bat? [Tzadik, 2003]

[voice break] Oneida, "The Beginning Is Nigh," The Wedding [Jagjaguwar, 2005]

Faust, “Exercise with Voices,” The Faust Tapes [1973]
Faust, “J'ai Mal Aux Dents,” The Faust Tapes [1973]
Faust, untitled, The Faust Tapes [1973]
Drop the Lime, "Glassy Eyes," This Means Forever [Tigerbeat6, 2005]
Fanny, "Witches," Fear & Loathing for Dummies 2 [Zod, 2001]

[voice break] Alu, "Funkturm"

Pan Sonic, "Mayhem II," Kesto [Mute, 2004]
Old Bombs, "Audia 4," Audios [Soft Abuse, 2004]
DJ Spooky, "Getcha Freak On + Back in Black," Rhythm Science in XXI [s/r. 2005]
Prefuse 73 feat. Tyondai Braxton, "TV Versus Detchibe," Surrounded by Silence [Mute, 2005]
Gang Gang Dance, #8, God's Money [Social Registry, 2005]

[voice break] Esmerine, "Le Rire De L'ange," Aurora [Madrona, 2005]

Phill Niblock, “Hudry Hurry,” Touch Works, for Hurdy Gurdy and Voice [Touch, 2001]

[voice break] "Dramilse Ngachlam," various - Tibetan Buddhist Rites...

Morceaux de Machines, "Estrapade," Estrapade [No Type, 2004]
Nautical Almanac, #1, Rejerks Vol 4 [Heresee, 2005]
Wolfgang Fuchs, "A Tough of Grandise, Up Wrong," Six Fuchs [Rastascan, 2004]

[voice break] Iannis Xenakis, "Bohor I"

Nudge, "Standing on Hot Sidewalk," Cached [Kranky, 2005]
Josephine Foster, "The Siren's Admonition," Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You [Locust, 2005]
Four Tet, "Iron Man," Everything Comes and Goes [Temporary Residence, 2005]
Christian Wolff, “Trio 3: Movement 4,” Burdocks [2001]
Matthew Shipp and Roscoe Mitchell, “2-z-5,” 2-z [1996]

breakthrough in grey room