13 Apr 2005

[voice break] Matthew Shipp w/ Antipop, "Staph," [Thirsty Ear, 2003]

Dewey Redman, Cecil Taylor and Elvin Jones, "Nine," Momentum Space [Verve, 1998]
Wadada Leo Smith wih the Bill Smith Ensemble, “Rastafari,” Rastafari

[voice break] Martin Denny, "Quiet Village"

Christian Wolff, “Peggy,” Works for Trombone
Blue Gene Tyranny, “Remembering,” various, Music from Mills [1986]

[voice break] Nusrat Falch Ali Kahn, "Tere Main Ishq Nachae"

Conlon Nancarrow, “Study 48c,” Studies for Player Piano
John Zorn, “Pendet,” Cobra: John Zorn's Game Piece [2002]
Fred Frith, "Too Much Too Litte," Step Across the Border [East Side Digital, 1990]

[voice break] CKW Trio, "Mondrian en Amerique," The Is [Black Hat, 2004]

Glenn Branca, "Lesson No. 1," Lesson No. 1 [Acute, 2004 / 99, 1980]
Robert Ashley, “The Wolfman Tape [1964],” The Wolfman
Maja Ratkje and Lasse Marhaug, “ 4-23, A Tribute To Arnold Schönberg In Heavy Syrup,” Music for Loving [Bottrop Boy, 2004]

[voice break] Kronos Quartet, "Oasis"

Milton Babbit, “Occassional Variations,” Occassional Variations
Oren Ambarchi, Gunter Muller and Voice Crack, “Walking Oysters,” Oystered [2004]

[voice break] Mogwai, "Kappa," Government Commissions

Tserendavaa, “Onchin Tsagaan Botgo,” various, Jargalant Altai: Xöömii and other vocal and instrumental music from Mongolia [1996]
Silver Mt. Zion, "Mountains Made of Steam," Horses in the Sky [Constellation, 2005]

[voice break] Sunn o))), "Hell-o)))-ween," White 2 [Southern Lord, 2004]

Tarantel, #3, Paper White EP [Temporary Residence, 2005]
Larsen, #3, Play [Important, 2005]
M83, "Fields, SHorelines and Hunters," Before the Dawn Heals Us [Mute, 2004]
Dead Meadow, "Such Hawks Such Hounds," Feathers [Matador, 2005]

[voice break] Dead Meadow, "Get Up On Down," Feathers [Matador, 2005]

Anthony Braxton w/ John Shiurba, "Composition No. 195 (Dedicated to Don van Vliet)," Compositions (GTM) 2001 [Rastascan, 2001]

[voice break] Bolo, #2, Gnayse

Yasunao Tone and Hecker, #4, Palimpsest [Mego, 2004]
P. Miles Bryson, "Swivel Base Functionality..." Megalomaniac Decorators Quarterly [Illegal Art, 2005]
MIA, "Pull Up the People," Arular [XL, 2005]
Petra Haden, "Tattoo," The Who Sell Out [Bar None, 2005]
Pedestrian, "O SIlent Bed," Unindran Songs [Anticon, 2005]

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