23 Feb 2005

Otomo Yoshihide & Voice Crack, “@@@3,” Bits, Bots and Signs [Erstwhile, 2000]
Nervous Cop, “Frank vs. Frank,” Nervous Cop [5rc, 2003]

[voice break] Sabaithong Powpuri, "Sop No Kap Mon," Molam [Sublime Frequencies]

Marcelo Radulovich, “Box 14,” 2 Brains [1999]
The User, #3, Symphony #1 for Dot Matrix Printers [1999]
The User, #4, Symphony #1 for Dot Matrix Printers [1999]
Television Power Electric, “Storks International, Chicago Chapter,” Television Power Electric [2004]

[voice break] Hala Strana, "Pogonishte," Fielding

Deerhoof, “A-Town Test Site,” The Man The King The Girl [Kill Rock Stars, 1997]
Old Bombs, “Audia 4,” Audios [Soft Abuse, 2004]
Nurse With Wound, “Brained,” Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven [United Dairies, 1993] Track originally released 1989. Based on Brainticket's “Brainticket #1” from Cottonwoodhill.

[voice break] Circle, #4, Guillotine

Yamataka Eye and John Zorn, "Fuckxotica," Naninani II [Tzadik, 2004]
Ezee Tiger, "Mumble?," s/t [KSR, 2005]
Fat Day, "If Humans Had No Poops," Unf Unf [Load, 2005]
Sun City Girls, #6-9, Carnival Folklore Ressurection [SCG, 2005]

[voice break] Cline/Parkins/Rainey, "Alleys of North America," Ash & Tabula

Vertonen, #3, Return of the Interrobang [CIP, 2005]
Nels Cline Singers, "Spell," The Giant Pin [Cryptogramofon, 2004]
Jeff Kaiser & Andrew Pask, "Carbon Icon," The Choir Boys [pfMentum, 2005]

[voice break] Wolf Eyes, #3, Dog Jaw [Heresee, 2005]

Silver Mt Zion, "Teddy Roosevelt's Guns," Horses in the Sky [Constellation, 2005]
John Fahey, "Requiem for Mississippi John Hurt," The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick [Revenant/Water, 2005]

[voice break] Lustmord, "Pt. 1," Heresy

Kemialliset Ystävät, “Sata Salamaa Iskee Tulta Ja Koko Elämä Räjähtää,” Alkuhärkä [2004]
Subarachnoid Space, "The Red Veil," The Red Veil [Strange Attractors, 2005]
Coil vs. ELpH, “pHILM #1 (vox),” pHILM #1 [Eskaton, 1994]

[voice break] Sunn o))), "Decay2," White 2

Pita, "Eternel," Get Off [Hapna, 2005]
Pan/Tone, "Adore Rmx (si-cut.db)," Newfound Urban Calm [Bip Hop, 2005]
Hrvatski, #36-46, Irrevocably Overdriven Break Freakout Megamix [Entschuldigen, 2005]

Mos Def & Diverse, “Wylin Out,” Urban Renewal Program Supplement 1.5 [Chocolate Industries, 2002]
Aesop Rock, "Holy Smokes,: Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives [Def Jux, 2005]
Dalek, "A Beast Caged," Absence [Ipecac, 2004]
Boredoms, "Seadrum," Seadrum/House of Sun [Warner Music Japan, 2005]

breakthrough in grey room