23 Feb 2005

[voice break] Cecil Taylor, "Steps," Unit Structures [Blue Note, 1966]

Sun City Girls,"The Night Fears Black Lajoon," Sumatran Electric Chair
Lou Harrison, "Suite for Percussion: I. Moderato," Concert in Slendro
Sightings, "Reduction," Absolutes [Load, 2003]
Octis, "Dramulet Krlyx-Brirl," Uppragn Srilimia Ixioor Ocrilm Nolifithes Mrithixyl
Weasel Walter, Kevin Drumm and Fred Lonberg-Holm, "Serious Music w/ Sardonic Titles," Eruption

[voice break] Bola, #1, Gnayse [Skam, 2004]

Coil, "The Hellbound Heart," Unnatural History II
Venetian Snares, "Dad," Winter in the Belly of a Snake
Terre Thaemlitz, "chng yourlove," Lovebomb [Mille Plateaux, 2002]
Morton Subotnik, The Wild Bull, Part A

[voice break] Leslie Stuck, "Special X," Pas [c74, 2003]

Viktor Vaughn, "Modern Day Mugging," Vaudeville Villain
The Congos, "Congoman," Heart of the Congos
Dalek, "Culture for Dollars," Absence [Ipecac, 2004]
Wolf Eyes, #6, Dog Jaw [Heresee, 2005]

[voice break] Albert Ayler, "Free Spiritual Music Part IV," Holy Ghost [2003]

Leavenworth, #2, Spells [self-released, 2005]
Curse of the Birthmark, "Call Yer Lawyer," This Is Not a Joke [333, 2004]
Die Monitr Batss, "White Shock," Girls of War [Troubleman, 2004]

[voice break] Cecil Taylor, "Enter, Evening (alternate take)," Unit Structures [Blue Note, 1966]

Scene Creamers, "What About Me?," I Suck on that Emotion
Subarachnoid Space, "The Red Veil," The Red Veil [Strange Attractors, 2005]
Circle, "Saapurat ne merelta," Gullotine [Scratch, 2003]
Dead Meadow, "Such Hawks Such Hounds," Feathers [Matador, 2005]

[voice break] Bird Show, "Always/Never Sleep Part 1," Green Inferno [Kanky, 2005]

Konono No. 1, "Kulekule," Lubuaku [Terp, 2004]
Caroliner, #5, An 1800s Affectuant in 'An Instrumental Revue' [self-released, 2005]
Burmese, "Headmaster," Men [Load, 2004]
Hala Strana, "Pogonishte," Fielding [Last Visible Dog, 2003]
Vertonen, #5, "Return of the Interrobang [CIP, 2005]

[voice break] Lustmord, "Heresy Part IV," Heresy [Soleilmoon, 2004]

Yasunao Tone and Hecker, "Man'Yo [extended mix]," Palimpsest [Mego, 2005]
Pita, "Luzthm," Get Off [Hapna, 2004]

[voice break] John Shirley, "G-VRAN," Sonic Ninjutsu [c74, 2004]

Pan/Tone, "Urban Calm," Newfound Urban Calm [Bip Hop, 2004?]
Throat Singing from the Center of Asia
Magma, "Malaria," Magma [1970]

breakthrough in grey room