09 Feb 2005

[voice break] Matmos, "On and On," Matmos/Die Monitr Batss split 7" [Ache, 04]

Joe+N, "Types of Interference," The Nature of Systems compilation [Carbon, 2000]
AGF, "My Patch," Westernization Completed [Orthlorng Musork, 2003]
Whitehouse, "Great White Death," Great White Death [Come Organization, 1985]
Emperor, "Witches Sabath," Wrath of the Tyrant [Wild Rags, 1992]
Government Alpha, "Cryptic Cave," Sporadic Spectra [Ground Fault, 1999]

[voice break] Leavenworth, #1

Venetian Snares, "Fuck Toronto Jungle," 2370894 [Planet Mu, 2002]
Octis, side B, Twevim Llenlendr [Troubleman, 2003]
Khanate, "Pieces of Quiet," Khanate [Southern Lord, 2001]

[voice break] Jeff Parker and Scott Field, "The Fields of Cologne," Song Songs Song [Delmark, 2004]

Wolf Eyes, track 4, Slicer [Hanson, 2001/2002]
Konono No 1, "Ku Hollande," Lubuaku [Terp, 2004] Recorded on 5 Feb 2003 in Vera, Groningen, Holland.

[voice break] Nels Cline Singers, "Spell," The Giant Pin [Cryptogramophone, 2004]

Cline/Parkins/Rainey, "Ruination," Ash and Tabula [Atavistic, 2005]
MF Doom, "Hoe Cakes," MM..Food [Rhymesayers, 2004]
Pita, "More Break After the Terror," Get Off [Hapna, 2005]
John Shirley, "Rings of Gold," Sonic Ninjutsu [c74, 2004]
Yasunao Tone and Hecker, "Man'Yo...," Palimpsest [Mego, 2005]

[voice break] Bola, Guayse [Skam, 2005]

Negativland, "The Perfect Cut (11 Minutes)," Helter Stupid/The Perfect Cut [Seeland, 2004 / 1989]
Dino Felipe, "mindspring@sealevel," I'm You [Schematic, 2004]
Uncle Woody Sullender, "Aphelion Counting," Nothing Is Certain But Death [DeadCEO, 2004]

[voice break] Wolf Eyes, #2, Dog Jaw [Heresee, 2005]

Jim Leftwich, "Excerpt from Ouzo and Kudzu Are Dead," Niacin Sun compilation [Bananafish, 2004]
Burmese, "Preyer," Men [Load, 2004]
Pelican, ?, Pelican [Cock of the Rock, 2001?]
Albert Ayler, "Free Spiritual Musics Pt IV," Holy Ghost [Revenant, 2004]

Rotten Piece, "Rump Humper," The Short Songs [EF, 2004]
Sightings, untitled 1, Mixing It session [radio 3, 3003]
Harvey Milk, "Go Back to France," Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men [self-pay, 1997]
Harris Newman, "Out of Sorts," Accidents with Nature and Each Other [Strange Attractors, 2005]

[voice break] Six Organs of Admittance, "Saint Cloud," School of the Flower [Drag City, 2005]

Tinariwen, "Assooul," Amassakoul [Tribal Union, 2003]
Peter Wright, "The Subtle Variations of Distant Bombs," Distant Bombs [Last Visible Dog]
Lustmord, "Heresy Part 1," Heresy [Soleilmoon, 2004]
Sublime Frequencies "The MOST Radio," Radio SUmatra [Sublime Frequencies]
Sublime Frequencies, "Wasana Gam Rar (Could You Love Me?)," Molam: Thai Couontry Grooze from Islam [Sublime Frequencies]

breakthrough in grey room