18 Aug 2004

unknown, "Gamelan Gong Kebya," Indonesia, South Pacific Music form the Nonesuch Explorer Series [Nonesuch, 2003]
AGF, "Let's Go," Westernization Complete [Orthlong Musork, 2003]
Motion, "Electric Pets," Split Series 9-16 [Fat Cat, 2004]
[The User], #12, Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers #1 [Asphodel, 1999]
[The User], #13, Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers #1 [Asphodel, 1999]

Lefthandeddecision, "Clipped Wing," Lost Creations
Sunn 0))), "0))) bow 2," Flight of the Behemoth
Otomo Yoshihide & Voice Crack, "@@@@ 2," Bits, Bots and Signs [Erstwhile, 2000]
Rich West, "Furcifer," Bedouin Hornbook [pfMentum, 2004]
Tiny Hairs, "Sprig of Lint," Coldless [False Walls, 2004]
PG Six, "Well of Memory Part 1," The Well of Memory [August, 2004]

7 Year Rabbit Cycle, "Magic Wool Magic Yam," Wind Machines [Free Porcupine, 2004]
Hank Williams, "(I Heard that) Lonesome Whistle," The Ultimate Collection [Mercury, 2002]
Faust/Dalek, "Bullets Need Violence," Derbe Respect, Alder [Klangbad/Staubgold, 2004]

Holger Czukay and U-She, "Metropolis," The New Millennium [Tunfundvierzig, 2004]
Faust, "Ein Euer Tag," Ravvivando [1999]
weasel walter, kevin drumm, fred lonberg-holm, "the pat boone of improvised music walks among us," eruption
The Residents, "Picnic Boy," The Commercial Album

Pan Sonic, "Virtamuuntaja/Current-Transformer," Kesyp [Mute, 2004]
Edan feat. Mr Lif, "Rapperfection," Primitive Plus
Terre Thaemlitz, "Anthropological Interventionism," Lovebomb [Mille Plateaux, 2002]
Wolf Eyes, 3, Droll Vol. II
Nautical Almanac, "Axis Loop Signal - trade off/on", Rooting for the Microbes [2004]

Fennesz, "Tor," Il Libro Mio [1998]
Can, "Butterfly," Delay 1968 [1981]
Pimmon, "The King, the Eye and the Surf," Snaps, Crackles, Pops [2003]
The Mae Shi, "Chop 2," Terrorbird [5RC, 2004]
The Fall, "Contraflow," The Real New Fall LP [Narnack, 2004]
Zu Quartet, "Thanatocracy," Zu & Spaceways Inc - Radiale [Atavistic, 2004]
Dave Burrell Full Blown Trio, "In the Balance," Expansion [High Two, 2004]

Raushan Orazbacra, "Airanktuin Ashy Kayi," Akku [Felmay/Danya, 2004]
Fingguy Flang, "Taga Snolon," Luth Hegelung [Buda, 2001]

Stephen Mathieu/Ekhard Ehlers, #2, Heroin [Orthlong Musork, 2004]
Venetian Snares, "Epstein-Horshack Lids," Children of Mu compilation [Planet Mu, 2004]

breakthrough in grey room