04 Aug 2004

Anthony Braxton, "Composition 245," Four Compositions [Delmark, 2003]
Sleep, "Dragonaut," Sleep's Holy Mountain

Melvins, "Revolve," Stoner Witch [Atlantic, 1994]
Converge, "Phoenix in Flames," Jane Doe [Equal Vision, 2001]
Converge, "Thaw," Jane Doe [Equal Vision, 2001]
Hair Police, "Boneless," Obedience Cuts [Freedom From, 2004]

Emil Beaulieau, #1, Dedicated to Richard Rupenus [Pure]
Apes, "Mr Changeling," Tapestrymastery [Birdman, 2004]
Boris, "Dronevil2," Absolute Ego [Southern Lord, 1997]

Reynols, "Eco-Tom," Bolas Tristes [Matching Head, 1996 / Freedom From, 2000]
Reynols, "Colosos del Aroma," Bolas Tristes [Matching Head, 1996 / Freedom From, 2000]
Reynols, "Taba," Bolas Tristes [Matching Head, 1996 / Freedom From, 2000]
Tiny Hairs, "With Projecting Spines," Coldless [False Walls, 2004]
unknown, "Srey No (Lady Named No)," Cambodian Cassette Archive [Sublime Frequencies, 2004]

Holger Czukay and U-She with Terre Thaemlitz, "Le Secondaire," The New Millennium [Tunfundvierzig, 2004]
Macha, "Cmon Cmon Oblivion," Forget Tomorrow [Jet Set, 2004]
Fingguy Flang, "Semdihot," Luth Hegelung [Buda, 2001]

Albert Ayler, "Spirits Rejoice," Spirits Rejoice [ESP, 1965]
Ornette Coleman, "Science Fiction," Science Fiction [Columbia, 1971]

Spring Heel Jack, "Obscured," Amassed [Thirsty Ear, 2002]
Other Dimensions in Music w/ Matthew Shipp, #2, Time Is of the Essence Is Beyond Time [AUM Fidelity, 2000]
Gorge Trio, "Paris Trap," Open Mouth, O Wisp [Skin Graft, 2004]
Dave Burrell Full Blown Trio, "Cryin' Out Loud," Expansion [High Two, 2004]

Big Satan, "Hostility Suite," Soulssaved.hear [Thirsty Ear, 2004]
The Gift of Gab, "The Writz," 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up [Quannum, 2004]
Bovine Life, "Ether Works Part 1," Social Electrics [Bip Hop, 2001]

Hearts of Darknesses, "Where in Rome," Music for Drunk Driving [Schematic, 2004]
Secret Mommy, "The Culture," Hawaii 5-0 [Ache, 2004]
Headset, "Back Before," Space Settings [Plug Research, 2004]
MetaXU, "01041939 Alicant," rumors of... WAR [No Type, 2004]
Broken Hearted Dragonflies, "Brood X," Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia [Sublime Frequencies, 2004]

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