07 July 2004

Marzette Watts, "Backdrop for Urban Revolution," Backdrop for Urban Revolution

Harvey Milk, "Pinocchio's Example," Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men
Sunn 0))), "0))) Bow," Flight of the Behemoth

Pedestrian Deposit, "Kogal Fascination," VOlatile [Truculent, 2004]
Converge, "Concubine," Jane Doe [Equal Vision, 2001]
Converge, "Fault and Fracture," Jane Doe [Equal Vision, 2001]
Venetian Snares + Speedrach, "Fire Beats," Making Orange Things

Kraftwerk, "Spacelab," Menschmachine
Golem, "Orion Awakes," s/t
Ennio Morricone, #3, For a Few Dollars More

Goblin, "Seq. 10," La Villa Della Droga [1977]
Sixtoo, "Boxcutter Emporium Pt 1," Chewing on Glass and other Miracle Cures
John Cale & Terry Riley, "Ides of March," Church of Anthrax

Ova!, "Kick It, Fuck It," The Number on my Forehead is Gone split [Freedom From, 2004]
Happy Mothers Day I Can't Read, "Marak the Merciless," The Number on my Forehead is Gone split [Freedom From, 2004]
Nautical Almanac, "Underlayment of Popuelist Skin: Bone Structure Dissolving," Rooting for the Microbes [Load, 2004]
Hair Police, "The Empty Socket," Obedience Cuts [Freedom From, 2004]
Hair Police, "Open Body," Obedience Cuts [Freedom From, 2004]
DNA, "Blonde Red Head," DNA on DNA [No More, 2004]
Cock ESP and Panicsville, "Theme from Cocksville," Last Train to Cocksville [Little Mafia/Nihilist/SunShip, 2004]

Faust/Dalek, "Bullets Need Violence," Derbe Respect, Alder [Klangbad/Staubgold, 2004]
RJD2, "1976," Since We Last Spoke [Def Jux, 2004]
The Gift of Gab, "Rat Race," 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up [Quannum, 2004]
Zu Quartet, "Pharmakon," Zu & Spaceways Inc - Radiate [Atavistic, 2004]

Billy Martin and DJ Olive, "Illy + Olive," Billy Martin Presents the Turntable Series [Amulet, 2004]
Daedelus, "Scaling Snowdon," Of Snowdonia [Plug Research, 2004]
Otto van Schirach, "Ashtray of MIA," various - MIAD [Somia, 2004]
Duplo_Remote, "Beatbox Blagger," various - Splite Series 9-16 [Fat Cat, 2004]

Mum, "Oh How the Boat Drifts," Summer Make Good [Fat Cat, 2004]
Jason Forrest, "Spectacle to Refute all Judgements," The Unrelenting Sounds of the 1979 Lost Disco Crash [Sonig, 2004]
Pan Sonic, "Rahina II/Mayhem II," Kesto 234.48:4 [Mute, 2004]
To Rococo Rot, "Miss You," Hotel Morgen [Domino, 2004]
Pan American, "Lights on Water," Quiet City [Kranky, 2004]

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