09 June 2004

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Harry Partch, "Emergence of the Spirit," Delusion of the Fury [Innova, 1999]
Thurston Moore, "Stock, Hausen and Walkman," Root [Lo, 1999]

Voice Crack and Otomo Yoshihide, "@@@1," Bits, Bots and Signs [Erstwhile, 2000]

Jonathan Bepler, "Level Glass Nocturne," Cremaster 3 [2002]
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Robert Wyatt, "Forest," Cuckooland [Ryko, 2003]

Univers Zero, "Falling Rain Dew," Implosion [Cuneiform, 2004]
John Butcher, "Buccinator's Outing," 13 Friendly Numbers [Unsounds, 2004]
Eyvind Kang, "Sidi Bou Said," Virginal Coordinates [Ipecac, 2004]
Tungsten 74, "The Revolution Will Begin Next Semester," Aleatory Element [Technical Echo, 2004]

Giardini di Miró, "Penguin Serenade," Hits for Broken Hearts and Asses [2.nd Rec, 2004]
Rovo, "Vitamin!," Pico! [Dohb, 1998]

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Kraakgeluiden, "kraak 30,09.2002," Document 1 1999/2003 [Unsounds, 2003]
METAxU, "07021964 Saigon," Rumors of... War [No Type, 2003]
Fennesz, "Transit," Venice [Touch, 2004]

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Millimetrik, "Dans la profondeur, tout s'eclaircit," Variet Is the SPice of Life [Statik, 2003]
Douglas Benford, "jfm.gen," Reciprocess 02 [Fallt +/vs Bip Hop, 2003]


breakthrough in grey room