02 June 2004

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, "My Human Gets Me Blues," Trout Mask Replica [Straight, 1969]
Brainticket, "Black Sand," Cottonwoodhill
Comus, "Diana," First Utterance

Can, "Halleyuwah," Tago Mago [United Artists, 1971]
Mr. Lif, "Home of the Brave," Emergency Rations [Def Jux, 2002]

Edan, "Emcees Smoke Crack," Primitive Plus
Viktor Vaugh, "Vaudeville Villian," Vaudeville Villain [Sound-Ink, 2003]
Pan Sonic, "Rahina III/Mayhem III," Kesto 234.48:4 [Mute, 2004]
Venetian Snares, "Nobody Really Understands Anybody," 2370894 [Planet Mu, 2002]
METAxU, "Hiroshima," Rumors of... War [No Type, 2003]

Fennesz, "The Other Face," Venice [Touch, 2004]
Tender Morsels, 1, Please Accept this Humble Token of my Gratitude [s/r, 2003]
Fonica, "Perch," Plop compilation [Plop, 2004]

Kyriakides/Moor, "3 lobed 1," Red v. Green [Unsounds, 2003]
Kraakgeluiden, "kraak 09.12.2002," Document 1 1999/2003 [Unsounds, 2003]
Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano, "Hat City Fire Truck," The Hated Music

Magma, "Malaria," Magma [1970]
Jacques Coursil, "Black Suite, Pt. 2 [excerpt]," Jazz Actuel [BYG]

Botch, "Hutton's Great Heat Engine," American Nervoso [Hydrahead, 1999]
The Microphones, "Blood 12," Blood
DNA, "Blonde Redhead," DNA on DNA [No More, 2004]
A Certain Ratio, "My Spirit," To Each... [Soul Jazz, 2004 / Factory, 1981]

Knights of Timbre, "Speed Racer Remix," Old Tyme Lemonade compilation [Hospital, 2003]
Keith Fullerton WHitman, "Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (for LaMonte Young)," Anithesis: Ensemble Works by Keith Fullerton Whitman [Kranky, 2004]
Jandek, "Love, Love," Chair Beside a Window [Corwood, 1982]
Low, "Carnival Queen," A Lifetime of Temporary Relief [Chairkickers, 2004]
Kinski, "Crepes the Cheap," Don't Climb On and Take the Holy Water [Strange Attractors Audio House, 2004]

Sigur Ros, "Ti Ki," Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do [Geffen, 2004]
Miba, "But Now We Must Go," The Corplate Porblem [Pax, 2004]

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