12 May 2004: short show

No Neck Blues Band, "Futuremaster," Ever Borneo [Seres/Sound @ One, 2003]
Transmission, "Drag the Blade," s/t [Audible Hiss, 1997]
Old Man Gloom, "Bells Dark Above Our Heads," Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism [Tortuga, 2001]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "Thorned Lattice," Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder [ugEXPLODE, 2003]

Soft Machine, "Drop," Live in Paris May 2nd, 1972 [Cuneiform, 2004]
Magma, "Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)" Udu Wudu [Tomato, 1976]
Tender Morsels, 1, Please Accept this Humble Token of my Grattitude [s/r, 2003]
Deerhoof, "Dog on the Sidewalk," Milk Man [KRS, 2004]
Miba, "Weird Birds," The Corplate Porblem [Pax, 2004]

El-P, "Something is Wrong," High Water [Thirsty Ear, 2004]
Sticks and Stones, "So Very Cold," Shed Grace [Thrill Jockey, 2004]

Friends of Dean Martinez, "Ripcord," Random Harvest [Narnack, 2004]
Sonic Youth, "Unmade Bed," Sonic Nurse [DGC, 2004]
The New Year, "Stranger to Kindness," The End Is Near [Touch and Go, 2004]

breakthrough in grey room