28 Apr 2004

Sin Ropas, "Rabbit Dream," THree Cherries [Perishable, 2000]

Gamelan Son of Lion, "DNA," The Complete Gamelan in the New World [Locust, 2004 / Folkways, 1979]
"Gendhing and Ladrang Galagothang," The Sultan's Pleasure: Javanese Gamelan & Vocal Music from the Palace of Yogyakarta

Burton Greene, "Aquirius Suite," Aquariana [BYG, 1969]

Jimmy Lyons, "Premonitions," Other Afternoons [BYG, 1969]

Marzette Watts, "Backdrop for Urban Revolution," Marzette Watts And Company [ESP, 1971]

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, "Bellerin Plain," Lick My Decals Off Baby [Straight, 1970]
Miss Murgatroid, "Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish," Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish compilation [Animal World]
Old Time Relijun, "Music of the Spheres," Lost Light [K, 2004]
Deerhoof, "Milk Man," Milk Man [KRS/5RC, 2004]
James Chance, "Contort Yourself," Sax Education [Tigerstyle, 2004]
James White and the Blacks, "Contort Yourself," Off White [1979]

Jason Willett & Ron Anderson, "Cigarettes Are Great," Be the First on the Block to Eat the Snake [2003]

Mindflayer, "5 Minutes of Sporadic Beats," It's Always 1999 [Load, 1999]
Dead Husbands, "A walk to the end," We Control Tomorrow [Dead Mind, 2004]
Cock ESP + Panicsville, "Theme from Cocksville," Last Train to Cocksville [Little Mafia/Nihilist/SunShip, 2004]
Noxagt, "Thurmaston," The Iron Point [Load, 2004]

Francovka, "Pisen Brance," Francovka 1974-1979
John Butcher, "The Brittle Chance," 13 Friendly Numbers [Unsounds, 2004 / ACTA, 1992]
John Butcher, "Mackle Music," 13 Friendly Numbers [Unsounds, 2004 / ACTA, 1992]
Fennesz, "Chateau rouge," Venice [Touch, 2004]

Duplo Remote, "Furry Bicycle," Split Series 9-16 compilation [Fat Cat, 2004]
Paul Wirkus, "Blask," Infeletto d'Amore [Quicksilber, 2004]
Casino vs. Japan, "Blinkins," Freescha [Wobblyhead, 2004]
Daedelus, "Snowed In," Of Snowdonia [Plug Research, 2004]
Giardini di Miro, "A New Start for Shoegazing Kids," Hits for Broken Hearts and Asses [2.nd rec, 2004]

Kyriakides/Moor, "Time Flies," Red v. Green [Unsounds, 2004]
Monotonos, "Mittencold [.4]," Be Very Afraid compilation [Dead Mind, 2004]
Prurient, "Clairvoyance/Our Father," Secrets and Sounds compilation [Animal Disguise, 2004]
Gene Estribou, "Eeee Minor," Intensifications [Locust, 2004]
Tortoise, "Salt the Skies," It's All Around You [Thrill Jockey, 2004]