31 Mar 2004

Colder, "Crazy Love," Again [Output, 2003]
Trans Am, "June," Liberation [Thrill Jockey, 2004]
Madvillian, "Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test," Madvilliany [Stones Throw, 2004]
Numbers, "Feelings," In My Mind All the Time [Tigerbeat6, 2004]
The Planet The, "Arty Movie," Physical Angel [54 40 or Fight, 2003]
Hella, "Could Be You," The Devil Isn't Red [5rc, 2004]

Absolute Zero, "Stutter Rock/You Said," Crushing Icons [ReR, 2003]
Kites, "Milkweed Arrows," Royal Paint with the Metallic Gardener from the United States of America Helped Into an Open Field by Women and Children [Load, 2003]

Eloe Omoe, 1, s/t [Infrasound, 2003]
Mazing Vids, "Ride the Rings," Ride the Rings [Stricken, 2003]

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson + Tender Morsels + Rubber Cement, #2, Melancholy Petri-Muse Si-Si-Si [2004]
Pentliczek, "Nie Martus Sie," s/t [Setola Di Mainle, 2004]
Deerhoof, "Gore in Beans," Cool Beans #12 [Cool Beans, 1998]
Shellac, "Il Porno Star," At Action Park [Touch & Go, 1994]

Wolf Eyes, "Asylum Style Two," Asylum Style Two [American Tapes, 2003]

Voice Crack, "Yellow Cube," taken + changed [fals.ch, 1999]
Stefan Mathieu und Douglas Benford +/vs si-cut.db and Fall Swing, "cond.verge," Reciprocess 02 [Fallt +/vs Bip Hop, 2003]
DJ Spooky vs. Twilight Circus, "Riddim Clash - Heavyweight Style," Riddim Warfare [Play, 2004]

Doormouse, "War Pigs," The Method [Violent Turd, 2003]
Burmese, #2, Interpretations of Whitehouse [Planaria, 2003]

Weasel Walter, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Jim O'Rourke, "Endless Corridor of Roasted Babies," Tribute to Masayuki Takayanagi [Grob, 2000]
Masayuki Takayanagi, a veteran of Japanese jazz bands since the late 1950s, was one of the first noise guitar improvisers, and the first (with Keith Rowe) to use the table-top guitar. Masayuki formed his New Directions combo in 1969 and proceeded to record extremely cacophonous works.

Cecil Taylor, "Steps," Unit Structures [Blue Note, 1966]
Englewood Cliffs NJ, May 19, 1966; Cecil Taylor: piano; Jimmy Lyons (1-4): alto sax; Eddie Gale Stevens Jr: trumpet (2-4); Ken McIntyre: alto sax, oboe, bass clarinet (1-4); Henry Grimes: bass; Alan Silva: bass; Andrew Cyrille: drums

Aero-Mic'd, "Lifesize Timeline," Under a Sun [Aero-Mic'd, 2003]
Kalaparush and the Light, "Place," Morning Song [Delmark, 2004]
Pigeon Funk, "mOcitO," s/t [Proptronix, 2003]
Greg Davis, "Centermost," Curling Pond Woods [Carpark, 2004]
Sticks and Stones, "430," Shed Grace [Thrill Jockey, 2004]
Sticks and Stones, "Shed Grace," Shed Grace [Thrill Jockey, 2004]
Eric Dolphy, "Night Music," Vintage Dolphy [GM, 1986]
Recorded 1962