10 Mar 2004

Skinny Puppy, "Download," Last Rights
Old Bombs, "Audio 4," Audios [Soft Abuse]

Wolf Eyes, "Half Animals/Half Insane," Dread [2001]
Throbbing Gristle, "Slug Bait," 2nd Annual Report [Industrial]

Nachtluft, "Silence Reactif," Belle-View I-IV [Unheard Music Series]
Einsturzende Neubauten, "Tanz Debil," Strategies Against Architecture
Single Unit, "5th Cumming - The Short Saga," Electric Leak: The North of It compilation [Nordic Party, 2003]
James Twig Harper, #2, Brain Wave

Merzbow, "Woodpecker #1," Pulse Demon
M83, "On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain," Dead Cities, Read Seas & Lost Ghosts
The User, #7, Abandon
Greg Davis, "At My Window," Curling Pond Woods
Fennesz, "Shisheido," Endless Summer [Mego]

Nels Cline and Gregg Bendian, "Mars," Interstellar Space Revisited
Gamelan Son of Lion, "Machine Shop," The Complete Gamelan in the New World
Shalbi Effect, "We'll never Make It Out of Here Alive," Pink Abyss

Cerberus Shoal, "Marimus," Bastion of Itchy Preeves
Guapo, "Mictlan," Five Suns

The Melvins, "See How Pretty, See How Smart," The Maggot
Colder, "Shiny Star," Again
Ghost, "Dominoes - Celebration for the Grey Days," Hypnotic Underworld
Deerhoof, "Milking," Milk Man
Zeek Sheck," Life Is Our Trophy," CareCo

Liars, #1, They Were Wrong So We Drowned
Metal Urbain, "Panik," Anarchy in Paris
Hair Police, #2, Blow Out Your Blood
Wolf Eyes + Black Dice, #3, s/t
Wolf Eyes + Black Dice, #4, s/t
Tiwanaku, "Blip Blap Bop," s/t