03 Mar 2004

Fred Anderson, "Fongue," Back the Velvet Lounge
Muslimgauze, "Harizat," Alms for Iraq
Joao Do Pife, "Perraba Bevados barao," Flute and Drum Music from Northeastern Brazil

Savath and Savalas, "Sol de Media Tarde," Apropa't
Chicago Underground Trio, "Slon," Slon
Gamelan Son of Lion, "DNA," The Complete Gamelan in the New World
Colder, "Crazy Love," Again
Faust, "Krautrock," Faust IV
Cerberus Shoal, "Bogart the Change," Bastion of Itchy Preeves

Vocokesh, "Eddie's Hallucination," The Tenth Corner
Pink Floyd, "Astronomy Domine," Umma Gumma

Absolute Zero, "Bared Cross," Crashing Icons
Fe-Mail, "Modogin," Syklubb Fra Haelvete [TV5, 2003]

Old Bombs, "Audio 3," Audios [Soft Abuse]
Cock ESP, "Send Her My Pain," Hurts So Good
Cock ESP, "Sweet Cherry Phi," Hurts So Good

James Twig Harper, #1, Brainwave
Open City, #1, The Birth of the Cruel

Zeek Sheck, "Fat Tub We Love," CareCo
Neung Phak, "Cheer," Neung Phak
Deerhoof, "Milkman," Milkman

Jandek, "The Highway," The Place
Reynols, "No Caras Repuliom," Polos Mosco
Telectu, "Data #2," Exploratory Music from Portugal [The Wire]
Can, "Oh Yeah," Tago Mago