09 Feb 2004: Collaborative show w/ Bonny Bondage. "+" denotes a BB pick.

Old Bombs, "Audio1," Audios [Soft Abuse]
Old Bombs, "Audia1," Audios [Soft Abuse]

Nice Nice, "Chrome Cabal," Chrome [The Temporary Residence]
The Flying Luttenbachers, "Thrumm'd HTE (for M)," Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder [ugEXPLODE]
Nervoous Cop, 6, s/t
+ Beatnigs, "Television," s/t
+ Metal Urbain, "Panic," Anarchy in Paris
+ Coachwhips, "Harlowe's Muscle of Love," Bangers Versus Fuckers
Hella, "Hello Great," The Devil Isn't Red

+ Dynasty, "Animals," s/t
M83, "Cyborg," Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts [EMI]
M83, "0078h," Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts [EMI]
+ Deadmoon, "Psychedellic Nightmare," Nervous Sooner Changes
+ Deadmoon, "Area 51," Nervous Sooner Changes
+ Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon, "Will the Fetus Be Aborted," Prairie Home Invasion
+ Patti Smith, "Babelogue," Easter

Pere Ubu, "Nonalignment Pact," The Modern Dance
Minimal Man, " I Want You to Know," Hunger Is All She Has Ever Known
The Contortions, "Contort Yourself," Buy
+ The Tubes, "Mondo Bondage," What Do You Want from Live

+ The Black Lips, "I've Got a Knife," s/t
Captain Beefheart, "Moonlight on Vermont," Trout Mask Replica
Burmese, "Women and Children Forever," A Mere Shadow and Reminiscence of Humanity
Burmese, "Stripped Clean," A Mere Shadow and Reminiscence of Humanity
Wolf Eyes, "Dead Hills 2," Dead Hills
The User, 3, Abandon
John Fahey, "Summertime," Red Cross

+ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "Death Is Not the End," Murder Ballads
Boxhead Ensemble, "Three," Quartets
Joao Do Pife, "A Lute do Cachorro e a Onca," Flute and Drum Music from Northeastern Brazil

6 Bonny Bondage picks
+ Kinski, "Fell Asleep on Tour Lawn," Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple

Can, "Mushroom," Tago Mago
Syd Barret, "Dominoes," Barrett
Fennesz, Endless Summer," Endless Summer
Harvey Milk, "Merlin Is Magic," My Love Is Higher than Your Estimation of What My Love Could Be
Black Sabbath,"Faeries Wear Boots," Paranoid