May 2011

Preparing for some shows in the eastern part of the country, and working on a new double album of material recorded at Studio Worm in Rotterdam in January and September of 2010.

May 2010

Q&A for Incubate Festival blog

1. Can you please introduce yourself?
Basshaters is an electroacoustic improv & noise duo from San Francisco. Tony Dryer plays double bass and electronics; Jacob Felix Heule plays drums and electronics.

2. Where are you at the moment?
Back home in California, we are putting the finishing touches on our newest album -- Bled Bugs -- which will be released on cassette by Two Thousand Tapes, and 3" CDR by Makrame. The material was recorded during a studio residency at Worm in Rotterdam this past January.

3. (Have you played in the Netherlands before and if so) what's your view on or experience with the scene you're operating in in The Netherlands?
We have been to the Netherlands on three separate trips since 2008, playing in a few different contexts -- from acoustic improv at Zaal 100 to noise at Sub071, sharing the stage with Hair Police at Occii, and with Sonology students at LOOS Foundation. The scene seems similar to what we are used to in the SF Bay Area -- playing in small art galleries and big dirty warehouses -- so we feel right at home. The main difference is that the Dutch PA systems are, across the board, bigger and better. We also enjoy the lamb roti.

4. What can we expect of your gig at the Incubate Festival?
We are not sure ourselves. We are an improvising group, so our live performances can vary quite a lot from show to show. We have a big variety of sound sources at our disposal, so we can take the music in a lot of different directions. We also have a lot of US shows coming up over the summer -- a Midwest tour as well as local gigs -- so we are sure to develop a lot more over the next few months.

5. What are your plans for the (near) future?
The Incubate Festival is right at the beginning of a European tour, from September to October, with a lot of dates in Italy. We are still booking shows, so get in touch if you can help with something! We are also still sorting through material recorded in the studio at Worm and at various live shows, and will be getting things ready for potential release.

April 2010

Booking tours: Midwest (August), Europe (September-October)

Mixing new albums: 19-min cassette for Two Thousand Tapes, CDR for Herbal International

Contact us if you want to help with a live show, or are intersted in releasing something!