Basshaters, Bled Bugs cassette/3" CDR [Two Thousand Tapes/Makrame, 2010]
Sissy Spacek, 15-Tet Oakland [Misanthropic Agenda, 2010]
Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio [Conrad Sound, 2010]
Basshaters, Harsh Lovers Sick Zoo cassette [Yik Yak, 2009]
Basshaters, Amsterdam Bologna cassette [self-released, 2009]
Basshaters, 2009oct cassette [self-released, 2009]
Basshaters, Live Spring 2009 CDR [Young Girls, 2009]
Basshaters, Harsh Lovers CDR [Occidentalize(d), 2009] (edition of 30)
Dryer/Heule/Wright, Deburring Tool (Bug Incision, 2009)
Storm of Corpses, Bite Your Tongue (Bug Incision, 2009)
Dryer/Heule/Lindsay, Idea of West (Creative Sources, 2008)
Basshaters, Teeth on Concrete (Occidentalized, 2008)
Dryer/Heule, Three Quartets (Occidentalized, 2008)
Tony Dryer, Duos (Occidentalized, 2008)